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MediSave Limit 2023: Managing Healthcare Costs Effectively

Dive into the changes in the MediSave limit for 2023 and discover how you can optimize your healthcare finances with our comprehensive guide! 

MediSave Limit 2023: Managing Healthcare Costs Effectively

When it comes to Singapore's healthcare system, MediSave plays a vital role. 

As we step into 2023, there have been significant updates to this scheme that aim to provide more financial flexibility to patients. 

This article takes you through these changes, offering insights into how you can use MediSave to manage your healthcare costs effectively in 2023.

Expanded Usage of MediSave for Homebound Patients

With the world shifting towards home-based healthcare, the Singapore government has made a pivotal move by allowing extended use of MediSave for homebound patients. 

This new change, effective from late 2023, is particularly relevant for patients under the Chronic Disease Management Programme.

MediSave Scheme



MediSave 500/700

$500 or $700

For home medical care bills, including consultation fees and blood tests


Additional $300 yearly

For patients aged 60 and above, for home medical care

This expanded usage means that eligible patients can dip into their MediSave savings earlier, helping to alleviate the financial strain that medical bills can sometimes cause.

Enhanced MediShield Life Coverage for Cancer Medication

Recognizing the financial implications of cancer treatment, MediShield Life has increased its claim limits for cancer drug services in 2023.

Coverage Type


MediShield Life claim limits for cancer drug services

$3,600 per calendar year

MediSave withdrawal limit for cancer drug services

$600 per calendar year

It's important to note that patients who have made cancer drug services claims in 2023 will be able to make additional MediShield Life claims from April 1, 2023, up to the new limit.

Benefits You Can Reap

The overarching aim of these changes is to alleviate one of the key concerns associated with ageing – managing healthcare costs. 

By allowing for more flexible usage of MediSave and increased MediShield Life coverage, these changes create more opportunities for individuals to manage their healthcare finances more effectively.



Expanded MediSave use

Allows for early and increased utilization of MediSave savings

Increased MediShield Life coverage

Assists cancer patients in managing treatment costs effectively

In addition to leveraging these changes, topping up your MediSave savings in cash is a great strategy for managing your healthcare finances!


The 2023 updates to MediSave make it even more instrumental in managing healthcare costs in Singapore. 

From extending the use of MediSave for homebound patients to increasing MediShield Life's claim limit for cancer medication, these changes ensure that Singaporeans can navigate their healthcare journeys with greater financial ease and security.

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