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Heya Flexible Top Up Plans, Simplify Your Mobile Experience

Say "heya" to mobile freedom with Heya's convenient, contract-free top-up plans! Enjoy more data, minutes, and SMS at affordable prices. Find out more here. 

Heya Flexible Top Up Plans, Simplify Your Mobile Experience

Ever wished for more data at a reasonable price, without the hassle of being tied down by a contract? 

Say "heya" to Heya's flexible, convenient, and affordable top-up plans that offer an unparalleled mobile experience. 

With Heya, you get to enjoy 100GB of data (50GB + Free 50GB for a limited period), 300 minutes, and 50 SMS for only $10!

The Perks of Choosing Heya

There's a reason why Heya is catching everyone's attention, and it's not just because of their catchy name. Here's what you get when you opt for Heya:



Best Network

Heya is supported by Singtel, Singapore's fastest and widest network.

No Contract

Enjoy more value without the constraints of a contract.

Data Rollover

Roll over up to 200GB of data every month.

Heya's Top-Up System: More Convenience, Less Hassle

Heya makes it easy to top up your plan through several convenient platforms. 

The top-up process is simple, allowing you to enjoy your mobile services without interruption.



Heya Website

Top up directly from Heya's official website.

Heya App

Use the dedicated Heya app for a seamless top-up experience.

Connect Globally with Heya's IDD Add-On

For just $5, you can enjoy up to 500 IDD minutes to 9 countries with Heya's IDD add-on. It's never been easier to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad.

Eligibility and Registration

To sign up for a Heya plan, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID document. 

Original ID documents must be presented for registration and all documents must be valid for at least 6 months.

Heya's Base Plan: More Than Meets the Eye

All Heya SIM cards come with a recurring base plan that includes free incoming calls and a validity of 60 days, all for $0 (usual price $3). 

The base plan gets auto-renewed upon any purchase of a Heya Plan or Heya IDD Add-on plan.


Heya is revolutionizing the mobile experience by offering top-ups that cater to every need, with no contracts and a robust network. 

With its user-friendly top-up system and unbeatable prices, saying "heya" to more has never been easier.

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