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Digi Super Long Life 365 Days: Unleashing Uninterrupted Connectivity

Discover the ultimate flexibility of Digi Prepaid's Super Long Life 365 Days plan. Extend your prepaid account validity up to a full year with ease. 

Digi Super Long Life 365 Days

Have you ever been in the middle of an important call only to get cut off due to insufficient balance? 

Or missed a critical text because your prepaid validity expired? 

Well, Digi has the solution to your woes: The Digi Super Long Life 365 Days plan, an exclusive feature for Digi Prepaid users, is designed to grant you the peace of mind you crave. 

Let's delve into this game-changing feature that's been creating waves in the prepaid scene since 2023.

What is Super Long Life?

Super Long Life is a unique service provided by Digi Prepaid that lets you extend your prepaid account validity up to a full year. 

Say goodbye to the constant hustle of topping up your account every few days or weeks.



Service Name

Super Long Life


Digi Prepaid

Validity Extension

Up to 365 Days

Availing the Super Long Life Plan

Not all plans are created equal, but luckily for Digi Prepaid NEXT, Raja Kombo, and Digi Prepaid LiVE users, they can avail themselves of the Super Long Life service.

Eligible Rate Plan


Digi Prepaid NEXT and Raja Kombo

RM1 for 1 Day, RM108 for 365 Days

Digi Prepaid LiVE

RM1 for 1 Day

Understanding the Validity

The Super Long Life validity kicks in from the day of purchase. 

To illustrate, if you invest in the 365-day plan on 4th June 2023, your account will remain active until 3rd June 2024, providing an uninterrupted connection for the whole year.

Purchase Date

Validity End Date

4th June 2023

3rd June 2024

How to Purchase

There are two ways to purchase the Super Long Life plan, either through the MyDigi app or by dialing a shortcode on your phone.

Via MyDigi App



Step 1

Login to the MyDigi app. On the homepage, select 'Reload'

Step 2

Select 'Validity' at the top right corner and choose the Super Long Life validity option




Step 1

Dial shortcode *128#. On the main menu, select '1 My Account'

Step 2

Select '4 Talktime Services'

Step 3

Select '3 Super Long Life'

Step 4

Select the Super Long Life denomination of your choice to complete the purchase

Note: Your credit balance will determine the Super Long Life denominations available to you. 

For example, to find the “RM108 for 365 days” denomination, you must have a credit balance of RM108 or more.

The Digi Super Long Life 365 Days plan is a real game-changer, eliminating the hassle of frequent top-ups and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. 

With this plan, you can enjoy a worry-free mobile experience all year round.

Source: Adapted from Digi

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