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Singtel Top-Up Data Plans 2023, Get 150GB with 10x faster speed

Explore Singtel top-up data plans 2023. Get 150GB with 10x faster speed and enjoy free incoming calls, data rollover, and unlimited streaming. 

Singtel Top-Up Data Plans

In this digital era where connectivity is key, Singtel brings to you a wide array of data top-up plans designed to match your varying needs. 

From the avid movie watcher to the busy multitasker, Singtel has got you covered with a mix of affordable and flexible top-up options. 

Let's dive in to find out more about what these plans have in store for you!

Singtel Top-Up Data 2023, 5G Plans

$40 Ultimate 5G Plan

Looking for the ultimate mobile data package? Look no further than Singtel's $40 Ultimate 5G Plan. 

Enjoy an impressive 150GB data with 10x faster speed, 5000 local mins, up to 2000 IDD mins, and 500 SMS for four weeks.

 Also, get FREE incoming calls, data rollover, and access to Viu Premium/Banglaflix/TFC/Drama Channel/e-LE, Jiale & Phoenix InfoNews. 

This plan is available exclusively on the hi!App as an auto recurring monthly plan.

$35 Ultimate Plan

Need a slightly less intense package? Try the $35 Ultimate Plan. It offers 100GB of data, 5000 local minutes, 2000 IDD minutes, and 500 SMS valid for 4 weeks.

And of course, there are perks like FREE incoming calls, data rollover, and access to entertainment platforms like Viu Premium/Banglaflix/TFC/Drama Channel/e-LE, Jiale & Phoenix InfoNews.

$15 Ultimate Plan

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, the $15 Ultimate Plan offers 15GB, 500 local minutes, and 100 local SMS for 4 weeks.

Plus, enjoy free incoming calls and data rollover.

$10 4-Week and Short-Term Plans

Need a short-term solution or a plan for a month? Opt for Singtel's 4-Week Plans starting from $10.

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Or if you're a short-term user, go for the 5-Day/7-Day Plans starting at $2, with 10GB for just $10!

$13 Value+ Data Plans

For users with modest data needs, Singtel offers the Value+ Data Plans. 

Enjoy 2.5GB for $13, with free incoming calls for 10 days and unlimited data for selected music and chat apps.

$10 SG•M'sia Data Pass

Frequent traveller between Singapore and Malaysia? Try the SG•M'sia Data Pass. 

Share data between the two countries, available for purchase directly on the hi!App or


With Singtel's range of top-up data plans, there's a package for every kind of user. 

Affordable, flexible, and feature-packed, these plans not only cater to your data needs but also offer a plethora of added benefits. 

Explore these offerings today and choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle. Say yes to seamless connectivity and a world of possibilities with Singtel!

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